Santa Lucija Chapel


This chapel is found on the road leading to Ghaxaq. Built in 1535, this chapel was much sought after during the 16th and 17th centuries, especially for pilgrimages. The building edured several interventions from 1634 onwards. During the middle of the 18th century a sacristy was built on the side. The building consists of a single room with a single door and a belfry, typical of the wayside chapels  found in the countryside. Internally the chapel has several  internal arches supporting a double pitched roof of stone slabs covered in deffun. Restoration on the chapel was done by the Restoration Directorate under the Local Council Restoration Scheme 2016.  Four workers from the Restoration Directorate restored all the facades as well as the roof and the parvis, following the necessary documentation. Restoration works consisted mainly of cleaning and consolidation of stone slabs and removal of cement plastering. The gutter which goes round the chapel to direct rain water seeping from the soil was also repaired.