San Gwann tal-Gharar Chapel


San Gwan tal-Gharar Chapel is situated on one of the busiest roads in San Gwann. It was originally built by a private family in 1546. It was later abandoned and fell into disuse. Eventually in 1659 Bishop Balaguer declared it should no longer be considered as being a chapel. I was later reopened in 1672. This late medieval chapel is rectangular and has a rather cubic external form and unpretentious bleak exterior. Internally the chapel has four internal arches supporting a double pitched roof of stone slabs covered in deffun as well as a bell cot above the window which is a later addition. Adjoining the chapel is a small sacristy which has a peculiar star shaped vent at the front. The Chapel is presently used by the Christian Doctrine Society. Restoration on this chapel was done by the Restoration Directorate under the Local Council Restoration Scheme 2016. Documentation of the chapel was done using rectified photography. Four Restoration Directorate workers worked on the restoration where all the facades were cleaned and pointing was reapplied where missing. Deteriorated stone was changed where it was necessary. Maintenance of the roof and the parvis was also carried out.  Works started at the end of July 2016 and were completed at the end of November 2016.