Porto Salvo Chapel, Hamrun

 The Chapel of Our Lady of Porto Salvo in Hamrun, is found on the main road opposite the parish church. This chapel was constructed in 1745 by Antonio Agius, known as Tonnuccio, and his wife Margerita. Although it is dedicated to Our Lady of Porto Salvo, residents refer to it a s the chapel of Saint Nuzzu, probably with reference to Tonnuccio Agius. This chapel as a socio-religious importance because it played an important role in the life of Saint Gorg Preca, who would spend hours of adoration in it. It was also in this chapel that the first meeting of the Museum society was held on 2nd February 1907. Restoration on the arch was done by the Restoration Directorate under the Local Council Restoration Scheme 2016.  Restoration works in this chapel included the facade, the dome and the belfry, as well as the facade of the entrance to the sacristy. Aided by laser scanning, technical officers at the Restoration Directorate prepared all the necessary plans and documentation.