Display and Exhibits

Display and Exhibits

The spacious vaulted interiors of the Fortress Builders centre provide a sizeable exhibition space ideally suited for medium-sized displays. The Restoration Directorate's design proposals sought to exploit these spaces to their maximum and at the same time give the building a modern contemporary feel without, however, detracting anything from its historic architectural features.

The main exhibition spaces were arranged over the building's three floors to provide

·     a reception hall, with introductory video screen and seating area;

· three permanent exhibition halls highlighting the salient stages and features of  the fortificationsof the Maltese islands (from antiquity to the middle ages, the Hospitaller period, and the British period; and

·      a medium sized audio-visual hall for public lectures and presentations.

The various halls are linked together by means of elevators and a staircase located within an 

annex building that was grafted onto the side of the historic structure, given that the old edifice 

had no internal means of communication. The halls are lit by an integrated lighting system and the 

whole building is monitored continually by a networked surveillance camera system.

The Centre brings together scale models of the main fortifications of the Maltese islands, traditional building tools and equipment, explanatory and graphic information panels, as well as multi-media viewing points. The main exhibits are concentrated on the first and second floors and arranged in chronological and thematic sequence, with information boards printed on large format panels, mounted along the walls and on free-standing screens. The design of the centre, as well as the artwork, information and displays were all produced in-house by the Restoration Directorate.