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Restoration Directorate

Director: Architect Norbert Gatt B.E.&A.(Hons), Spec. Restoration (Rome), A.&C.E.

The Restoration Directorate is the main government entity which implements and executes restoration works on public property and rehabilitation initiatives within the main local historical urban contexts. In all, the Restoration Directorate has a staff compliment of over 160 personnel including professional, administrative, technical and industrial staff with specific expertise in restoration works. The Restoration Directorate is responsible for planning and drawing up restoration projects and implementing them through either in-house human resources or by outsourcing the works.  Apart from the overall project management, supervision and documentation phases, which are common to both implementation processes, outsourcing of works also entails preparation, publication and evaluation of public tenders. The Restoration Directorate also offers specialized assistance to various public entities and institutions, including ministries, departments, voluntary organizations, and local councils. The Restoration Directorate operates from its offices and workshops at the Ospizio Complex in Floriana. Over the years, the Restoration Directorate, has carried out numerous restoration works on many historical buildings, amongst which the Grand Master’s Palace, the National Library and the Auberge de Castille in Valletta, as well as numerous chapels and historic buildings around Malta. It is currently also involved in the implementation of a major restoration project on the historic fortifications of Valletta, Mdina, Vittoriosa and the Gozo Citadel, co-financed as part of the European Regional Development Fund programme (ERDF 0039). The Fortress Builders, a Fortifications Interpretation Centre, was also implemented as part of this project, and is currently being operated by the Restoration Directorate.