Behind the Scenes - Birgu

On the afternoon of Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th October 2014 the Restoration Directorate offered the public a sneak preview of the finished project and how this is being carried out. The star of the show was undoubtedly the restoration works on the bastions and the rehabilitation of the ditch and the Collachio area, consisting of the paving and lighting projects half way through their completion. The open weekend was held over an extensive area of the landfront bastions, which was divided into four nodes each hosting an exhibition of the trades and techniques used to restore the historic monuments as well as works in progress being documented in their past and future.

The Directorate gave the public the opportunity to access hidden areas of the bastions including St. James’ Cavallier, Post of Castille and the Ditch. Technical and historical lectures were also held in the mornings of the same weekend at the Armoury in Birgu. Re-enactments were hosted across the area and plein-air painters were also present to capture the spirit of the place on canvas. In collaboration with the Birgu Local Council, several Birgu residents were invited to relate the stories of a city which boasts various layers of colourful history.

The Restoration Directorate within the Ministry for Justice, Culture and Local Government has been working on Birgu as part of a €40 million project co-funded by the ERDF funds encompassing the restoration and consolidation of the Mdina, Valletta, Citadella and Birgu Bastions as well as the rehabilitation of the Birgu ditch and the paving and lighting of the city. The Fortifications Interpretation Centre in Valletta was also made possible through the same funds and will also be represented in Birgu for this weekend.  All works will be completed in 2015. ​