St. Andrew Bastion and Tenaille

St. Andrew Bastion is a large pentagonal bulwark which anchored Valletta’s enceinte on the Marsamxett Harbour side of the land front. This is one of the first bulwarks to be completed after the initiation of the construction of the fortified city in 1566. The bastion is a pentagonal work with a series of low piazze basse and tiered platforms adjoining it on both flanks. Owing to its position, St. Andrew Bastion also commanded the entrance to the Marsamxett Harbour, and as a result, remained a valid defensive position well into the British period, when the platform was used to house various types of coastal defence artillery. South of the left side of the bastion, a small bastioned tenaille was carved out of the bedrock to protect the long exposed flank of St. Michael Demi- Bastion. The bastion had a consumed masonry fabric, and required various types of interventions to repair the damaged stonework and remove the rampant spread of vegetation.