Magazine Curtain and its casemates


Magazine Curtain is a long casemated rampart built in the early decades of the 18th century to replace and reinforce the old medieval ramparts along the west flank of the city’s enceinte. The rebuilt section of the curtain wall dates to the 1720’s and was designed by the Order’s resident French military engineer Charles Francois de Mondion. The curtain is a casemated structure built from a series of barrel-vaulted rooms which were used as storage magazines. Magazine Curtain has suffered considerable damage from heavy fissuring of its casemated walls owing to a subsidence of the underlying terrain and was in dire need of repair and restoration. Some of the casemates were on the verge of collapse.

The ERDF 039 project (MDN 05) sought to arrest the movement and fissuring of the massive walls and their internal casemates through various interventions involving the insertion of deep micro-piles and anchors, as well as the restoration of the masonry fabric of the ramparts.​