Despuig Bastion and Adjoining Ramparts (MDN 04)


Despuig Bastion is the last of the artillery bulwarks which was built by the Knights in Mdina. It is dated to around 1739-48 and appears to have been designed by the Order’s resident military engineer Franesco Marandon. The bastion is a hollow and asymmetrical bulwark with two short flanks. It was built at the foot of the old medieval ramparts beneath the cathedral and was intended to provide flanking defences along the city’s north-eastern section of the enceinte. The bastion survived in a good state of preservation but had suffered considerable damage since it was built on clayish ground. The bastion had a large fissure due to a subsidence of the underlying terrain and was in dire need of repair and restoration.

The ERDF 039 project (MDN 04) sought to arrest the rotation and movement of the massive walls through various interventions involving the insertion of pylons and anchors as well as undertake the restoration of the masonry fabric of the ramparts​