D’ Homedes Bastion and Adjoining Ramparts (MDN 03)

D’ Homedes Bastion is the first artillery bulwark which was built by the Knights in Mdina. It is dated to around 1542 and may have been designed by the Italian Military engineer Antonio Ferramolino. The bastion has an interesting and unique system of countermines built into its design and is one of the few first-generation works of fortification built by the Knights before 1565 to survive in a largely well state of preservation. The bastion was heavily damaged due to a subsidence of the underlying terrain and was in dire need of repair and restoration. A small bastionette, added to the left face of the bastion in the course of the early eighteenth century, was also in need of restoration.

The ERDF 039 project (MDN 03) sought to arrest the movement of the walls through various interventions involving the insertions of pylons and anchors, as well as undertaking the restoration of the masonry fabric of the ramparts.​