Medieval Enceinte and Sally-port

The remodelling of the Cittadella was not extended all around the perimeter of the medieval stronghold, mainly because the northern part of the enceinte, built on a high cliff-face, was considered to be immune from attack and bombardment. Here, the medieval walls were retained in their original form, with a few modifications. Amongst these modifications was the scarping of the lower part of the bedrock, to render the cliff-face even more unassailable, as well as the blocking-up of an old medieval sally-port. These old walls, however, have not fared well with the passage of time. Considerable sections appear to have been replaced, possibly because these were heavily consumed and had collapsed during the course of the past centuries. At least one medieval wall tower, documented in a seventeenth-century plan, is no longer existent. The heavily consumed state of the masonry fabric of the northern enceinte called for significant repairs and restoration, the whole exercise being made all the more difficult owing to the problems of erecting scaffolding along the face of the high cliff face.