The Cittadella is Gozo’s foremost historic fortified site. The importance of this fortress emanates from its historic role as the island’s central point of refuge and administrative and political centre, all of which date back to antiquity. The present fortifications are a combination of an early seventeenth century bastioned enceinte ‘alla Italiana’ and the remains of earlier medieval walls.

The envisaged improved overall condition of the citadel’s fortified enceinte will help enhance its value as a historical and architectural asset and help make it more attractive, presentable, and accessible as a cultural-tourism heritage product.

Although various restoration interventions have been carried out in different areas of the Cittadella over the years, the extent of damage being exhibited is such to call for immediate action to ensure the preservation of this fortified city. The conservation issues which need to be addressed relate to the stability of the rock bed foundation of the enciente, and the restoration of the bastion ramparts. To this end, a detailed recording of the present state of the fabric was required.