St. James Bastion and Cavalier

St. James Bastion is the second of the two main bastions making up the land front defences of Birgu. Its principal role was to protect the ramparts from the direction of Kalkara Creek and the heights of San Salvatore. This bastion was remodelled in the 1720s and it owes its present configuration to Mondion’s interventions. It appears to have been linked by a small sally-port, via a bridge, to the covertway during this period. A low cavalier, raised on two large vaulted casemates, was also added to the gorge of the bastion around this time. The ERDF 039 project has sought to repair and restore the heavily consumed masonry fabric of the bastion, particularly along its right flank and face. The works also involved the reconstruction of the parapet on the right flank, with its three embrasures, the re-paving of part of the bastion terrace and artillery platforms, the repairs to the consumed bridge, and the unearthening and opening up of the sally-port and the gallery leading down to the ditch.